Professional Tax Preparation Services

At Old Town Tax Consultants we strive to help our clients to save money by utilizing tax laws to their advantage. We take a personal interest in each client to obtain the best possible outcome.

Old Town Tax Consultants is a 100% referral based tax preparation firm.  By committing to this business model we put our success in the hands of those that know our work best, our clients.

Meet our CEO

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Sarah Locke is an experienced and dedicated tax consultant whose introduction to tax law began at a very young age. She grew up watching her father help relieve the stress of so many loyal clients, developing close bonds in the process. She admired his special knack for getting to the heart of his client’s needs and that is one of her most valued abilities to this day.

As a busy and hardworking person, you shouldn’t have to suffer from feeling overwhelmed or worry about scary surprises from the IRS. Give Old Town Tax Consultants a call and feel secure in knowing you’re in good hands!